ABOUT www.mrdrevshare.com and Ed Doran

Who/what is MRD Group? My name is Edward Doran. I have been utilizing the MRD GROUP name since
the mid 1980’s. Click here for more information

Who am I? I am disabled Vet who is motivated, as a parent, to build a revenue stream, in order help my
daughters’ payoff their debt loan debts.

7  STEP GUIDE FOR AN ONLINE BUSSINESS VENTURE. These are NOT RULES SET IN CONCRETE, but rather a FOUNDATION  to build from, just as if you were a carpenter:

KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (KISS). There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Others have been there and done that; emulate their success.
2. FIND YOUR NICHE. What excites you?
3.Pick a DOMAIN NAME. You then need to investigate the domain name's availability.
This is the page where prospective clients/partner will enter their
contact info, to include name, Email address, Phone #, and the best time of day to contact them. Be Consistent.
5. Create & Maintain of DataBase of Prospects
6. Test, Tweak, & track: Develop Analytics  See Google Analytics Solutions - Web Analytics & Marketing Measurement ..
7. Insure Website is KEPT Clean & Uncluttered for Easy Navigation

So you have decided to start an online business! How do you start?

  1. Sit down with pen & paper, not on a computer and answer the following questions.: Figure out your “WHY’.
    Do you hate your J.O.B? Want more time to spend with the FAMILY? Need additional income in order
    Save for a DOWN PAYMENT on a new home? Or any other personal reasons?
  2. How much TIME do you have to pursue these goals? Part-time or Full-time?
  3. What are your INCOME GOALS?
  4. What much have you BUDGETED for your new business?
  5. Will your online business operate as a SOLE PROPRIETOR? PARTNERSHIP with another individual or group?
  6. Based on your background and SKILLSETS, what might be transferrable transferable to your new business?
  7. Post these written GOALS where you will be see them daily!

Items that will be needed for ANY online business:

  1. Pick a DOMAIN NAME. You then need to investigate the domain name’s availability. I recommend
    the best known name provider of DOMAINS, GoDaddy, when picking a
    and investigating its availability, and then acquiring that domain name. Check
    GoDaddy, the largest provider of DOMAIN NAMES through my affiliate links below:

, if you go through one of my affiliate links, including GoDaddy, I will receive a commission, as I have an affiliate relationship with the company. This is something you can do as an affiliate also http://www.mrdrevshare.com/affiliates.

2.Very few of us are geniuses, so we lean towards joining with an online partner,
where you will receive TRANING and MENTORING
from those who are successful. But how do you DECIDE?
Perform your DUE DILIGENCE.!! Investigate the person who you will be working
with. Notice I did not say “work for”. This is not a JOB. You are the BOSS.
Do you think we could work together?

I decided NOT to recreate the wheel!! To achieve my goals, I found an ONLINE PROGRAM that appealed to me based on
my background and skillsets. Next I found a MEMBER/ PARTNER within that program
that I could work with. - I also expanded into AFFILLIATE PROGRAMS. Please click on the link
http://www.mrdrevshare.com/affiliates. to view my growing list of affiliate programs and
decide if these are of interest to you based on your written goals.

3.CREATE A LANDING PAGE. Typically, this will be the 1st page of your website. This is the beginning
of your SALES FUNNEL. There you will have a form for the prospect to fill-in their contact info. This
is building your DataBase of prospects. This will include the following:
A. Their Name
B. Their Email address
C. Phone number with Area Code
D Best time to contact
Always keep this in mind:  "An accomplishment no matter how big or small shouldn't be the end of the road, but rather the starting point for the next leap forward."

Edward J. Doran


“If I can help enough others to achieve their goals in life, I will always achieve mine.” -Zig Ziglar

“The only place I know where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” -Ed Doran

"Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." - Henry Ford